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Ministry of Tourism, Saudi Arabia Article

Ghalia was featured in Ministry of Tourism’s Visit Saudi website, as one of leading wellness practitioners and retreats designers in Saudi Arabia. This article showcases Ghalia’s love and passion for blending wellness, culture, & tourism to bring the best quality wellness experiences that leaves participants feeling completely rejuvenated and mesmerized by Saudi Arabia’s hidden gems. You can access the article through this link.

Independent Arabic Article

Ghalia was featured in Independent Arabia, the Arabic version of the British Newspaper to shed light on the virtual wellness trend and how the wellness world found creative ways to engage individuals and groups in wellness activities, as ways to promote better quality of life and overall wellbeing. You can access the article through this link


Desert Dream Records

Ghalia collaborated with the very own artist, sound engineer Nasser Alshememri (AKA Desert F!sh) and founder of Desert Dream Records on a unique master piece that combines visual art and wellness. This masterpiece video blends sound meditation and down tempo beats, along with visual glitches to showcase the  vast potential in wellness and art. This music experience will take the listener to a journey of calmness and inner peace. You can access the video and audio through this link

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